Tax Service Fee Policy

Shirokane CPA Firm

 Our Tax Service Fee

We note here our tax fee table. However, this is described in order to show you your fee level as a quote. I believe that our mission is to bridge your business into Japan and Japan business mechanism.

Therefore, We are willing to provide a quote to meet your situation. Please contact me and be advised about your situation.

Tax Fee Table (JPY Excluding sales tax)
No Sales (JPY) Advisory Fee (Monthly) Tax Filing Fee Total Fee (Annually)
1 >10 Million 30000 150000 510000
2 10 Million-50 Million 40000 280000 760000
3 50 Million - 100 Million 60000 280000 1 Million
4 100 Million - 500 Million 80000 540000 1.5 Million
5 500 Million - 1 Billion 120000 840000 2.28 Million
6 1 Billion - 170000 1 Million 3.04 Million
  • Tax Filing Fee includes income tax, sales tax called consumption tax in Japan, and local tax. Local tax includes residence tax, business tax, local corporate tax, business office tax, local sales tax.
  • If you are a self-employer (not a corporate) and your sales is less than 10 Million, and when you use "freee" of a cloud-based (without sales tax).
  • If you are within 3 years after starting your business, we propose 20% discount for the fee shown above, to support your business in a booting-up phase.
  • If your business entity is established in accordance with other laws than Japan Company Act, we propose our quote to meet the situation. This is because not K.K. company might need special accounting and tax procedures.

Claim for Refund ; Tax Fee Table (JPY Excluding sales tax)
No Refunded amt. (JPY) Base Fee (Fixed) Additional Fee
1 >5 Million 50000 5% for Refunded amt
2 5 Million- - 10% for Refunded amt
  • This fee table exclude estate and gift tax. If you have a requirement on those tax called "Sozoku-zei" in Japanese, please contact us to estimate it.
  • We have to understand your tax situation and the possibility of the claim before we contract on your request.
  • Base fee is charged when contracting. After the result of the tax office where we filed, the additional fee is calculated including the base fee.

 Personnel Administration

If you are at start-up phase, I recommend you to hire someone familiar with personnel administraion. Then, you need not worry about Japan labor laws.

However, when you hired employees, you had to prepare and file a lot of document and applications to the Labor Standards Bureau. Besides, you had to file a couple of applications to the National Tax Agency on hiring employees.
If you do not have a clue to operate the personnel administration, and if you use "freee" for personnel administration on your cost, we could support you on the following cost.

  • You have to use "freee" for Personnel administration at your cost. For instance, that would cost you about JPY 60,000 for 5 employees a year.
  • You have to file all applications to Labor Standards Bureau with our support, except for to National Tax Agency.
  • You have to assign at least one person for personnel administration, to figure and pay salaries of all employees.
  • You have to grasp Japan labor and social insurance system.
Fee Table (JPY Excluding sales tax)
no Fee Conditions
1 20000 Annually (Fixed) To prepare tax-year end adjustment for each mployee (Equal/Less than 5 persons)
2 5000 /1 person Monthly For one person