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Based on Experiences

If you need a good accounting/audit service provider for a subsidiary or a brunch in Japan, the most important professional skills would be understandings for the industry and the experiences for various hurdles at the stage of growth. I have committed more than 130 corporations in M&A, internal control, and IPO consulting, and audit in various industry, like Bank, manufacturing, constructing, education, and IT.

Deep Understanding

If you hope better management for a subsidiary or a brunch in Japan, there would be needed some manners that meet Japanese Business environment. Especially for management of human resources. Not only IFRS, US-GAAP, and English. Deep and a lot of understandings for the industry and surrounding Japanese corporations. The member of your audit team of a famous big firm has those?

Meet Your Budget

Big firms propose expensive fee that includes their brand. I understand brand is sometimes important. However, if you truly need good services for a subsidiary or a branch in Japan continuously, reasonable fee would be better for you. We could propose it, because we do not cost on our branding.

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This is a price list of our some popular services. We would be willing to prepare a quotation that meets your situation.

Statutory Audit

For Japan Company Act.


  • For a Small Subsidiary in Japan
  • Reasonable for a Small Entity
  • Depends on the Entity Size
  • Depends on the Business Complexity
  • Issued Audit Report


For Reporting to HQ/Group Auditor


  • For a Small Subsidiary in Japan
  • For branches in Japan
  • For Statutory or Non-statutory
  • As a Component Auditor
  • In Accordance with ISA

Outside Director

Board Member/Corporate Auditor


  • As a Profesional
  • For Governance
  • For Knowledge for the Industory

Accounting Adovisor

Statutory Director in KK


  • As a Certified Public Accountant
  • Support to Prepare F/S
  • Support to Monthly Closing

Tax Filling

For Individuals


  • Prepare Your Tax Return
  • Support Your Accounting Book
  • Consult Tax Position
  • Income Tax, Sales Tax, Local Tax


I would like to write about Japanese Tax, Audit and Quarterly Review, Internal Control, Management style, and Some Regulations. I here use my pics to show a beautiful Japan.

About US

Professional for Japan Corporations and Economics
Why We Are

You could hire the professional for the field where you have the issue on your company. At that time you could save extra costs for brands like Big Four accounting firms. I work just with members who I had found talented during my Deloitte years, only when needed. Alliance with the talented professionals is my intangible asset.

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