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Shirokane CPA Firm

Professional for Japan Corporations and Economics

What would you hope for a Japan accounting or an audit service provider onto your Japan subsidiary or Japan Branch? What services would you hope to be provided when you start up your new business in Japan?

If you hoped your Japan subsidiary or Japan Branch to win the market share or to keep growing, there would be needed professional services to make your Japan subsidiary and Japan branch to meet Japan Market.

If you needed a good English reporter to a parent company about your Japan subsidiary or Japan Branch, it might not be us. Because our strength is not English, but our professional experience onto Japan business.

Various Experiences

During my 14 years at Deloitte and following years, I have worked on many industries in Japan like below.

・Financial Institutions (Bank, Shin-Kin)
・Manufacture of machinery and equipment
・Wholesale Trade
・Renting of machinery and equipment
・Hotels and restaurants
・Retail trade
・Recreational, cultural and sporting activities

Committed Jobs and Projects

I have committed to and conducted my team and colleagues on, following jobs and projects.

・Statutory Audit (Based on Financial Security Law and Company Law)
・Preliminary Survey for IPO
・Consulting for IPO
・Support for Preparation of IPO Application Forms
・Support for Establishment of Chinese Subsidiary
・Merger & Acquisition
・M&A Scheme Consulting and Due Dilligence
・Implementation Consulting for Internal Controls
・IFRS Implementation Consulting, from US-GAAP

I have worked with Sony corp., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd., Goldman Sachs Realty Japan Ltd., K.K. LoneStar Acquisition Japan, Hudson Japan K.K., SBI Holdings, Inc., Hachijuni Bank, PGM Holdings K.K., Microsoft Japan K.K., and so on.

Deep Insight Added to Broad Understanding

I could have understood many Particular Japan Business Manners and Risks thanks to committing to many industries, and I also have worked a lot of kinds of CPA job. For examples, Statutory Audit, IPO Consulting, Consulting into IFRS from J-GAAP and from US-GAAP, M&A Scheme Consulting, Due Diligence, Preparing a Business Plan, Design and Installation Consulting for Japan Internal Control Act, and so on.

As a result, I could have to master various know-how, and I understand some of the superior know-how could be installed other industry or a company. My understanding of bank transaction could have helped to advise my client about the bank loan.

Therefore, I believe my knowledge other than your industry could also help your company.

Reasonable Fee to Meet Your Budget

I also believe Big Four Accounting firms are the best. They could offer all services of audit, assurance, tax, consulting, financial advisory, actuarial, corporate finance, and legal services. If your company is so large as to have a lot of subsidiaries all over the world, you would be better off hiring them. Besides, The Big four firms would be able to find the root of the issues your companies have. Accordingly, all you have to do is just to pay for a big invoice.

However, if you hope to save the fee to clear your issues up, you would have to find out what kind of professionals are needed, other than the big four firm.
You would find it is welcome to be consulted by other professional than those big four firms if the professional has as good competencies as those big four firms.
If you face your hurdles or issues, and when you understand where your issues come from, you could request the very professional you need. At that time you could save extra costs for brands and for maintaining a large organization, like the Big Four firms.

I actually do not employ any CPA and Tax Accountant. This is because I would like to keep my extra fixed cost as low as possible and because I believe that the member necessary for a project is always different and that the member is determined by the project. Therefore, I work just with members who I had found talented during my Deloitte years, only when needed. We are now in the situation where we could quickly and smoothly co-work anytime anywhere with IT communication tools
Alliance with the talented professionals is my intangible asset.


・Mobile: +81 80-1257-5877
・Email: support@shirokanecpafirm.com
・Skype: shirokaneadmin
・We also use slack, and Facebook Messenger
・Location: Shinagawa-ku, TOKYO Zip-code 141-0021
・Open : Mon-Fri, 10:00-18:00




・Japan Certified Public Accountant (#020888)
・Japan Licensed Tax Accountant (#127096)


・Tax Committee and Public Accounting Committee of Japanese Institution of CPA
・Public Support Committee of Shinagawa Branch, Japan Federation of Certified Tax Accountant's Associations
・Support Agencies for Business Innovation

Work History

・2014.Jun- Shirokane CPA Firm
・1998-2013 Deloitte

2011.Oct-2013.Dec Global Service Group, Tokyo Office
2004.Jun-2011.Sep Integrated Service Group, Tokyo Office
1998.Oct-2004.May Nagano Office (Audit Department)

My Personal Info.

・Visited Countries: US(LA, San Francisco, Oregon) UK, Taiwan, Austria, Singapore, China(Shanghai), Korea(Soul), Thai(Bangkok), Poland, Estonia, Australia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Qatar(Doha), Turkey(Istanbul)
・Activities &Sports: Climbing Snow Mountains, Back-country skiing, Camping and BBQ
・Other Licences: Car, Bike(-400cc), PADI C-card(Advanced)
・Family: Wife, 2 kids and 2 cats

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I would reply within 48 hours. You could get brief answer for free, if your question was not so complicated that I could explain the answer just by my e-mail.If you need Non-Disclose Agreement in order to be advised about your information, I could also sign on it for free.Please feel free to contact me!

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