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Deal with the right partner with your incorporation needs

The originator and some licensed professionals deal with the procedures for incorporation. Therefore, you cloud take care of incorporation procedures by yourself, if needed, with a professional consulting. Otherwise, you could offer to a SHI-HO-SHO-SHI who is a licensed professional for commercial registration, or to a CPA to be performed as your agent.

Establishing a new business in Japan can be a complicated process. To enable you to focus on your business, allow us to support you with incorporation procedures. We offer expertise with incorporating business and provide critical support before and after the incorporation.

Common challenges with incorporation in Japan

The first hurdle is the language barrier. It is the first and foremost hurdle with the incorporation procedures in Japan. Availability of information in English concerning incorporation procedures is extremely limited. Filing for and obtaining the corporate certificate requires visits to the Notary Public and the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Affairs Bureau. The procedures require communication and documentation in the Japanese language as well as expertise in Japanese corporation law.

The second hurdle is obtaining and registering corporate seal (“INKAN" or "HANKO"). Companies in Japan typically have 3 types of seal impressions. The first type is used for official documents such as contracts and it has to be registered with the Legal Affairs Bureau. The second type is called "KAKU-IN" or a square seal impression, which is usually used for invoices and bills of receipt. The third type is referred to as a bank chop (“GINKO-IN”) and registered with banks and used strictly for banking transactions. In addition, the originator of incorporation of a Japanese company needs to make his/her own chop and register it to obtain an official certificate of seal impression.

Our Value

As a registered CPA in Japan, we are capable of preparing all application documents for incorporation of a Japanese company on your behalf, and manage all procedures for incorporation as your agent so you can focus on your business and attend to critical matters such as hiring the right personnel, securing financing, and making investment decisions.

In addition to serving as your agent in incorporating a business in Japan, we also offer to consult services to help you navigate through Japanese business culture.

We aim to provide the best experience to our clients by simplifying the company incorporation process and guide you through the critical first steps of starting and operating a business in Japan.

As a registered CPA in Japan, we are able to leverage our experience and expertise to assist and advise you in planning for securing a physical office in Japan, financial planning, tax compliance, and financial reporting, in addition to the incorporation assistance services described above. We offer a one-stop solution to manage these complicated procedures unique to Japan to allow you to concentrate on your business planning and operation. As a seasoned professional firm, we are able to assist you to launch a successful business and navigate through complex business culture and regulations in Japan.

Incorporation Procedures

Incorporation Procedures

Incorporation Procedure

US$1,000 /

Including all our consulting on incorporation. Without all registration cost and tax that you have to pay other than our fee.

Preparation and Filing of Tax Applications for Incorporation

US$ 500 /

For all tax applications for your new company, including our consulting

When the new company signs on our tax service, this comes free as a service.