Inkan, a Seal Impression in Japan

Globally, you use your signature to identify yourself on documents. In Japan, there are used seal impressions, called as “Hanko”, “Inkan” or “Jitsuin”, in order to identify yourself formally. Especially, the registered seal impression called as “Jitsuin” is formally identify you by the registration system by municipal offices in Japan.

I here write about the rule for you to make your registered seal impression in Japan.

Your Name on the Seal Impression

The seal impression has to be made by your family name and first name, just by your family name, or just by your first name. That could not include your carrier, position, company, license, brand, and anything other than name. Accordingly, you could use just your name on it.

If your name is written with alphabets, your seal impression should be made with alphabets. However, only if your residence certificate has your “Ka-ta-ka-na” name, you could use “Ka-ta-ka-na” of Japanese.

Many Korean nationals has Japanese name called as “Tu-sho”. As Japanese name of foreign nationals is usually registered on a residence certificate, when registered, you could make your seal impression with your Japanese name. It is good for you to confirm the letters you could use to your municipal office.

Size of the Seal Impression

The largeness is important. According to the law, you cloud make it 8mm onside, however, this 8mm size is usually used for daily use seal impression, that is not registered. If you make it 8mm, the seal impression would not looks a registered formal one.

Therefore, I recommend 15mm size for the registered seal impression. Off course, 18mm is better looking, this would costs you a little bit more expensive.

Where to creat the Seal Impression

You could not buy your seal impression for registration at a stationery shop, because there is sold a product on a large scale, that has the same shape as others. Accordingly, you need to buy your seal impression at the seal impression shop, there the shop definitely makes the different shape on the same name.

I recommend the following shop, because they has very good quality and reasonable price, and because they have web shop. Besides, you could get the image file of your seal impression. That helps you when making a document with PC.

“KYOTO-Korindo, prior name : KYO-IN-SHO”

Support for Your Purchase

I do not think that you need your seal impression as much as Japanese people. You just need a registered seal impression. Then, you need not buy expensive one. If you go to a seal impression shop, you have to choose the shape of characters like calligraphy.

Therefore, you might consider this purchase is bothering chores for you. If you showed me your residence card, and let us know of your residence certificate, I could provide our supporting service. If you needed, please contact us.

Off course, you would be able to ask us to support for a purchase of your company’s seal impressions.