Seal Impressions of a Company

Even if you used your signature on your business in Japan, company’s seal impressions are needed in formal cases. There are generally 3 types of company’s seal impressions in Japan. I here explain them as follows.

3 Types

  • Registered Seal Impression
  • Seal Impression for Bank
  • Squared Seal Impression

A Registered Seal Impression

This must be prepared, because this is used to identify your company in formal case. This is usually rounded and this has two words, one is your company name engraved around, and the other word is Representative engraved in the center of the seal impression.

This is used for contracts.

A Seal Impression for a Bank

When you withdraw a cash from your bank account or transfer money to another bank account, you need your seal impression registered to the bank at the counter of the bank. You could also register your seal impression registered on a municipal office. However, then, your employee would take your registered seal impression to a bank to deal with the bank account.

Here is a risk, because the registered seal impression has the same power in Japan, as the sign of representative of the company in foreign countries. Your employee could sign on any contract with the seal impression.

Beside, in a view of corporate governance, you could separate the responsible parson to manage contracts and the parson to move a cash. This is better for internal control.You could use your registered seal impression for a bank. However, I recommend to create this type of seal impression for a bank.

This is why many Japanese company prepare a seal impression for a bank.

A Squared Seal Impression

This is called “KA-KU-IN” in Japan. This is used very often on your invoices, receipts, reports, and so on. You could find this type of seal impression on printed documents.

This might not be necessary for your company, if your company does not have transactions with Japanese company and Japanese business parsons.

Support for Your Purchase

I do not think that you need your seal impression as much as Japanese people. You just need a registered seal impression. Then, you need not buy expensive one. If you go to a seal impression shop, you have to choose the shape of characters like calligraphy.

Therefore, you might consider this purchase is bothering chores for you. If you showed me your residence card, and let us know of your residence certificate, I could provide our supporting service. If you needed, please contact us.

Off course, you would be able to ask us to support for a purchase of your company’s seal impressions.